About Us

Keng Ying – Safety Glass Supplier

KENG YING GLASS SDN. BHD. (KYG) is a one of the main dealer of Malaysia Sheet Glass Sdn. Bhd.(MSG) which is a under group of NSG-PILKINGTON, the largest float glass manufacturer in the world. Our company known as CHOP KENG YING since 1937, after restructure in year 2002, we form KENG YING GLASS SDN. BHD. The core business of our company is supply and distribute glass and mirror to our customers. KYG also is a marketing agent of Platinum Safety Glass Sdn. Bhd. (PSG).

Tempered Glass Distributor

Platinum Safety Glass Sdn. Bhd. is totally own by KYG. PSG mainly operate production of tempered safety glass, heat strengthened glass, double glazing unit, laminated safety glass, colour coated glass (Placoat Glass), ceramic frit glass, tempered glass heat soak treatment, CNC processing and edge work product.

With our business policy, we keep in mind that “Provide the best Quality and Service to customer”. This is thank to our modern production facilities and well trained personnel. We always maintain our production facilities in top innovation.

Being a part of the glass industry, we have the responsibility to produce glass products of superior quality and having unique properties. Our company thus has a separate Research and Development wing which is constantly on the lookout for new breakthroughs. The prime areas of concern for our company are:

  • Production efficiency – our company aims to increase the production efficiency by developing new techniques of melting, refining and the forming processes that deliver higher yields with reduced energy and production costs.
  • Environmental performance – being a responsible glass manufacturer we aim to reduce emissions and waste by use of such techniques that streamline and provide cleaner processing. We also aim to increase recycling within the glass industry.
  • Innovative uses of glass – besides the above mentioned environmental and production related issues, our company aims to broaden the use of glass in the market. Therefore we create and support research for the innovative use of glass and develop new techniques of glass composition and at the same time improve the existing glass making processes.

As the demand for newer, tougher but lighter glass is increasing in the various markets, we as glass manufacturers aim to provide such products to our customers.